Project Description

Paul Cline, owner of Les Cline Clothiers, approached us a few months ago about creating a new website for his company. He had received quotes from other competitors for tens of thousands of dollars and was hesitant about investing that much in a new website. He hadn’t received much traction from his previous websites, and didn’t want to experience the same thing with this project.

We were able to complete Paul’s website for less than one tenth the cost of his competitors. We analyzed his market to discover who his target audience is—business executives in their 30s to 40s—and created a website that provided them with the functionality they were looking for.

Les Cline Clothiers’ website takes the hassle and frustration out of buying a suit. Individuals are able to get a suit or shirt custom produced to fit both their body type and personal style. On the website, they can select from a wide variety of fabrics, suit details, and thread and lining colors before entering their measurements. Once the order has been placed, the suit will be produced just for them.