Project Description

Donna Gottschall, owner of The Rains Group, approached us about designing a new logo for her. Her previous logo was outdated, clunky, and didn’t reflect the personality of her business. Additionally, she had been using a tagline to represent her HR company that led to some confusion about the industry she was working in. We decided we could do better.

We began our work with Donna by talking to her about the type of logo she wanted. Something classy or modern? What kind of message should she convey to her customers?

We ended up selecting a sophisticated, but slightly playful font. The font selections allow her to compete with other corporate entities, including some much larger than her company. Yet the playfulness of the font reflects Donna’s personal style and the ethos of her company. We reviewed dozens of colors, looked at the color psychology profile, and settled on a blue-green color for its subtle energy and approachability. Additionally, the symbol (which is made up of a series of rain drops) provides some subtle imagery without taking away too much attention from the text.

After our presentation, Donna was thrilled with our work. We have since implemented this design on her business card, and are incorporating it throughout her website redesign.